The Ultimate Cuck

Cuck quean, I don't tell people because they already think it's weird that I let him date other girls or we bring girls into our relationship (polyamorous) and they reeeaally wouldn't understand if I said it was my fetish.

"Aren't you jealous?" "Aren't you insecure?" "Worried he will leave you for her?"

No I'm not jealous, dating people is fun! Plus it's my kink.

I'm not insecure, he is still with me because he loves me, and he can love others. Not everyone can do it, but I've never felt unloved and not beautiful.

God if he left me for them, ultimate cuck, sounds great because that's my kink, but yeah I'd be sad bc I love him, but like are you constantly worried your SO will leave you? They could leave at any time for any reason. They have a friend of the opposite sex? At any time they could fall in love with them and leave you, or cheat, or whatever.

So I don't tell people because it's a whole other level when you say it's your kink rather just a lifestyle.”

-CuteBoiHere, Reddit