I am Just a Diaper Lover

“My kink is diapers but I wouldn't necessarily say that I am ashamed to admit it I just don't see the point in telling anybody other than a significant other about it. It is one of the more taboo fetishes so I understand why people who have a diaper fetish are ashamed but I have never felt that. I would openly admit it if I were to be asked about it. If one of my friends were to find something and confront me about it I don't think I would deny it. I would welcome the conversation in fact. It is a weird fetish to have but it doesn't make me weird for having it. I am a pretty normal, boring guy outside of liking to wear a diaper under my pants from time to time.

Also, I am just a diaper lover. I do not have the adult baby fetish. Many people are unaware that there is a difference. The fetish community is called ABDL and it is really split down the middle. If you're an AB your'e an Adult Baby. If you're a DL, such as myself, then you're considered a diaper lover. A diaper lover simply likes the feeling of wearing and using diapers. No baby talk, no sleeping in a crib or wearing baby clothes etc.”

-jurrasicthings, Reddit