Two heads are better than one...

“Huh, I guess I am the only person with a physically impossible fetish around here.

Multi. That is, extra body parts.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know about the Hensel twins, Myrtle Corbin, Blanche Dumas, Juan Baptista dos Santos & others. No, I do not find them attractive. My vision of it is more idealized and deliberate than that.

So that is pretty much it. Extra arms. Extra legs. Heads. Breasts. Genitalia. And so on and so forth - I've no limit on sheer numbers. Since this does not really happen in the real world, I fulfill those desires by looking at photoshops and drawings, reading stories, and roleplaying a multi-limbed character online. Massive bonus points if my RP partner is also multi, and moreso than I.”

-WhiteReligion, Reddit