Think Vasquez from Aliens

“I don't know why but I love soft dykey women. Always breaks my heart when it turns out they can never love me. I don't mean Karen and her speak to the manager haircut, I mean a girl with a lip piercing, leather jacket, Timberland boots, and buzzcut. Think Vasquez from Aliens. Mrrroooww! I guess I love the idea of a girl who's one of the guys but also totally DTF and actually not like other girls. I've been with a few girls in the past who claimed they were lesbians, though I suspect bisexuals who mostly favored girls. Getting ridden by a punk rock chick who drinks, swears, and likes skirt chasing is one hell of a thrill.”

-762Rifleman, Reddit

Amazonian Princess

Short men. I'm tall (5'10'') so most are "short" to me, but I like physically looking down on them and how the have to stand on their tip toes to have sex with me in some positions. They even have to slide up or down in bed to line up. I feel like such an Amazonian Princess. I'm not fat so I never get to feel "bigger" or "stronger," but fuck I love being taller.”

-customerservicevoice, Reddit

Discovered by Experimentation

I'm a dude who loves having his ass eaten.

Basically it was just discovered by experimentation. I was 69ing my girlfriend and she just went for it with not too much warning. She went from licking my cock to licking my balls to licking under my balls to licking close to my ass, and it just felt better and better as she proceeded so I never stopped her. When she finally went all in, I came immediately, and a lot. Literally more than I'd ever cum before, it was a complete mess.

I never would have suspected I enjoy such a thing, but there is a lot of merit to "don't knock it till you try it".

From that moment on we tried other butt stuff and all of it is tons of fun, but rimming is the best. I went on to marry that girl, not just for this reason but for a lot of reasons. This definitely aided that decision, though.


Conflicting Personalities

“Ever since I was around 10 I’ve had the fetish of being handcuffed to a girl who has a very conflicting personality with mine. It’s pretty fucking weird, almost certain it stemmed from cartoons. Only realized it when I was in elementary school, held in detention with a girl who I had an argument with.”

-OnTimeTommy, Reddit

Doing What Feels Best

“I prefer my partner to finish inside me. Even though I have no desire for children, the idea of conception turns me on. It's about the primalness of it, the idea of doing what feels best regardless of consequences, and choosing each other for something so intimate and profound.

I never mention it because I understand the fear guys have about being trapped.”

-JaneOfAll, Reddit

The Ultimate Cuck

Cuck quean, I don't tell people because they already think it's weird that I let him date other girls or we bring girls into our relationship (polyamorous) and they reeeaally wouldn't understand if I said it was my fetish.

"Aren't you jealous?" "Aren't you insecure?" "Worried he will leave you for her?"

No I'm not jealous, dating people is fun! Plus it's my kink.

I'm not insecure, he is still with me because he loves me, and he can love others. Not everyone can do it, but I've never felt unloved and not beautiful.

God if he left me for them, ultimate cuck, sounds great because that's my kink, but yeah I'd be sad bc I love him, but like are you constantly worried your SO will leave you? They could leave at any time for any reason. They have a friend of the opposite sex? At any time they could fall in love with them and leave you, or cheat, or whatever.

So I don't tell people because it's a whole other level when you say it's your kink rather just a lifestyle.”

-CuteBoiHere, Reddit

I am Just a Diaper Lover

“My kink is diapers but I wouldn't necessarily say that I am ashamed to admit it I just don't see the point in telling anybody other than a significant other about it. It is one of the more taboo fetishes so I understand why people who have a diaper fetish are ashamed but I have never felt that. I would openly admit it if I were to be asked about it. If one of my friends were to find something and confront me about it I don't think I would deny it. I would welcome the conversation in fact. It is a weird fetish to have but it doesn't make me weird for having it. I am a pretty normal, boring guy outside of liking to wear a diaper under my pants from time to time.

Also, I am just a diaper lover. I do not have the adult baby fetish. Many people are unaware that there is a difference. The fetish community is called ABDL and it is really split down the middle. If you're an AB your'e an Adult Baby. If you're a DL, such as myself, then you're considered a diaper lover. A diaper lover simply likes the feeling of wearing and using diapers. No baby talk, no sleeping in a crib or wearing baby clothes etc.”

-jurrasicthings, Reddit

Daddy Issues

“For sure daddy issues... But I like an older man with authority. I want him to teach me and guide me. When I'm called a good girl it drives me insane in a good way.

I just want to add women are often kink shamed particularly when it stems from the father figure... But there are so many absent fathers. I think embracing what's fucked up about your kink is both deeply satisfying and healing. If you have any sort of pleasure that fills a void scooped out long ago, address it. It could change your outlook.”

-FiddleSticks3333, Reddit

Two heads are better than one...

“Huh, I guess I am the only person with a physically impossible fetish around here.

Multi. That is, extra body parts.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know about the Hensel twins, Myrtle Corbin, Blanche Dumas, Juan Baptista dos Santos & others. No, I do not find them attractive. My vision of it is more idealized and deliberate than that.

So that is pretty much it. Extra arms. Extra legs. Heads. Breasts. Genitalia. And so on and so forth - I've no limit on sheer numbers. Since this does not really happen in the real world, I fulfill those desires by looking at photoshops and drawings, reading stories, and roleplaying a multi-limbed character online. Massive bonus points if my RP partner is also multi, and moreso than I.”

-WhiteReligion, Reddit